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Holland’s Fine Jewelry has been a prominent contributor in the West Texas community for over 100 years. The family owned business began its story in 1918 when Chase Holland, Sr. purchased a jewelry store from Mr. C. C. McBurnett and renamed the business “Holland’s Jewelry.” Prior owners can, however, be traced to 1891. In addition to traditional jewelry and watches of the period, Holland’s Jewelry was widely recognized for its extensive inventory of fine silver, china, and crystal.

The Holland’s Spur Clip was created and patented in 1936. With the country emerging from the difficult years of the Depression, Mr. Holland designed a miniature sterling silver spur tie clasp as a symbol of recognition, given to someone who had “earned their spurs.” Two of these first “Spurs Clips” were presented to President Franklin Roosevelt and Vice-President John Nance Garner. Over the years, many other celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries have been presented spur jewelry as gifts of both accomplishment and gratitude. The spur clip marked the genesis of Holland’s Jewelry’s debut into the world of jewelry manufacturing, specializing in hand-crafted buckles, spur jewelry items, and a variety of other hand-made, hand-engraved specialty pieces, many of which are still in production.

The family owned business grew quickly. Chase Holland’s son, Chase, Jr. began his work in the business after completing his service in the Army Air Corps during WWII. Chase Jr., with his wife Virginia, began management of the company in 1960. Many of our clients still remember working with Mrs. Virginia, who was a major staple in the community. With the help of the store manager Mr. George McCormack, and her two sons Chase III and Bill, the company grew into the successful establishment that it is today.

Brant Horner of Brownwood, TX joined the company in 1985. After graduating with an accounting degree from Angelo State University, he continued to progress at Holland’s Jewelry and quickly worked his way to Master Jeweler. Aside from his fine craftsmanship as a jeweler, Brant brought a new age of tailored jewelry making to Holland’s. He specializes in die making, hand carving and modern rapid prototyping for custom jewelry, stone setting, and hand engraving.

In 2012, Brant became business partners with the Holland brothers. After celebrating the 100th year for the company, Bill Holland joined Chase Holland III in retirement and Brant Horner took over ownership and management of the company. The family operated tradition continues with Brant Horner and his daughter, Evyn Horner Higgins, who began working at Holland’s in 2011.

Holland’s Jewelry is a member of The American Gem Society, Jewelers of America, Jewelers’ Vigilance Committee, Better Business Bureau, and many other trade organizations. For over 100 years, Holland’s has been committed to providing professional, knowledgeable service while offering quality diamonds, jewelry, gemstones, watches, and exclusive gift items.

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